March 2, 2024

Voice of Barristers

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Charishma K S

Charishma. K.S is a Law aspirant. Her passion for law is highly prevalent. she loves to Research, Write, Present Papers, debate and come up with innovative ideas. Apart from law, She found her zeal in learning different languages, she is also a graphic designer and caricaturist, social media influencer. She started Voice of barristers with the motive to create a platform for Indian law students to think cognitively, to think out of the box, and their classrooms that enable them to analyse rationally and voice for voiceless people which will benefit and bring changes in the society in a holistic manner. Her idea is to make law reach laymen as well as lawmen in a simple way and she quotes that “VOICE OF BARRISTERS WILL BE FAMILY OF LIFELONG LEARNERS, RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS, AND CHAMPIONS OF OUR OWN SUCCESS”


Jagadish r Naidu

Jagadish is a law student, a knowledge freak who looks to gain knowledge from every room he enters, a lover of technology who keeps himself updated about the technology around the world, a trader, investor and a speaker who puts his views forward through his podcast, co-founder of Voice of Barristers–he believes in a quote by stephen covey “TO LEARN AND NOT TO DO IS REALLY NOT TO LEARN , TO KNOW AND NOT TO DO IS REALLY NOT TO KNOW” so he does what he learns and knows.

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