April 16, 2024

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Law plays an important role in the community of the Nation. It provides proper guidelines and order for all citizen’s behaviour and sustains equity in the three branches of the government. It helps in accessing justice for all. Without it, there would be conflicts in society. Thus, Law plays an indispensable role in everyone’s life. But unfortunately, most of the common masses are not aware of the laws and their implications. The Voice of barristers is an online legal organization dedicated to improving country’s legal education system. The objective is to convey law in its most basic form, so that a layperson may comprehend and learn it. the organization believes that everyone in society should be given an equal and fair chance. Therefore, the Voice of Barristers, with the utmost zeal and enthusiasm, brought this website to publish articles, research papers, blogs, book reviews, case commentaries, and landmark judgments so as to aware the general mass of the laws and their effects.

Voice of Barristers is a team of talented Law Students, Researchers, Scholars, and Professionals with a wide range of skills and experiences. Here, we believe in sharing and gaining knowledge, concepts, views, and ideas on legal issues through the writings under different categories. We also welcome every other student, researcher, scholar, and professional from every sector of work, profession, and education to work with us to impart knowledge and concepts with others.

You may also become a part of Voice of Barristers, by joining us for writing articles, blogs, case commentaries, landmark judgments, and book reviews. This would enhance your research skills, analytical skills, and writing skills. This would also help you develop your profile as a blogger or writer which would put an impact on everyone who reads your piece of writing. This platform shall also be helpful to those writers who are novices in articles or other writing skills.

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