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voice of Barristers co-ordinator meeting august 8th 2021

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we are aiming to publish our first journal in the month of September last week, and obtain the ISSN number very soon.

Each co-ordinator will be assigned one article, FAQ (which should be taken seriously and submit within or on the given submission date).

The code of conduct will be shared with all the coordinators which shall be signed by every coordinator (the unsigned coordinator shall be removed from the team ), please read the code of conduct carefully and sign it with your name.

No excuses will be entertained in the matter of the journaling process.

The tasks for the month of august should be submitted before August 30th(the task list can be found here www.voiceofbarristers.com/augustwork and the work can be submitted at www.voiceofbarristers.com/work.

How to write an article/research paper on mobile was demonstrated .

How to hyperlink, how to reduce plagiarism and increase your productivity was explained and demonstrated.

The importance of writing a research paper was explained.

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